A Touch of Spice                                              

Πολίτικη Κουζίνα   
Politiki Kouzina  

AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE at Greek Film Festival 2004 

"A Touch of Spice packs a historical and emotional punch that leaves you weak at the knees." 

The Guardian A nostalgic, bitter-sweet comedy about the coming of age of Fanis, a young Greek boy growing up in Constantinople, whose grandfather, teaches him that both food and life require 'a touch of spice' to give them flavour.
2003/ Drama / Rating:M15+ / Director: Tassos Boulmetis

Never on Sunday

Ποτέ την Κυριακή
Pote tin Kyriaki

An American scholar (played by Dassin) in Greece becomes infatuated with a prostitute and tries to fashion her in his own image, much to the dismay of his family and friends. Mercouri plays the life-loving, life-affirming heroine, who brings a respectability to the world's oldest profession in this delightful and uniquely tasteful comedy.
1960/ Comedy Drama / Rating:R18 / Director: Jules Dassin

The Valiants of Samothrace               

Οι Γενναίοι της Σαμοθράκης
I Yenei tis Samothrakis

Featuring a fine ensemble cast, this tragicomedy is set against real events of 1974. A company of soldiers, branded as outcasts, are shifted from the Greek-Bulgarian border to an even less desirable assignment to quell the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. En route to the battle zone, plans change and the unit instead land in Samothrace.
2003/ Comedy / Rating:R18 / Director: Stamatis Tsarouchas

A Song Is Not Enough

Ενα Τραγούδι δε Φτάνει
Ena Tragoudi de Ftani

Irene, a resistance fighter in the Greece of 1972 is sent to Korydallos prison by the military regime. But upon her release in late 1973, she returns home to find that everything has changed. Relationships and feelings are torn apart with the greatest impact felt by her nine year old daughter, Olga.
2003/ Drama / Rating:R18 / Director: Elissavet Chronopoulo

The Cherry Orchard                            

Ο Βυσσινόκηπος
O Vissinokipos

A tribute to the centenary of Chekhov's death The Cherry Orchard is about a 19th century Russian family's decaying aristocratic status. The family matriarch returns from a five year absence to find the cherry orchard in full bloom but the family finances on the verge of ruin. One solution is to cut down the beloved orchard and lease the land for holiday villas. As summer approaches, and romance blooms, the moment of truth approaches…
1999/ Drama / Rating:R18 / Adaptation: Michael Cacoyannis



Jean Pierre Lorit stars in this nostalgic, romantic film about love, life and truth. It follows Elena and her daughter Nina on their journey along the sandy stretches of Egyptian coast to the mythical city of Alexandria where Elena grew up. The quiet journey becomes a turbulent sojourn into the past when Nina unravels the true story behind the 'great love' of her mother's life.
2002/ Drama / Romance / Rating:R18 / Director: Maria Iliou

Eyes of Night

Μάτια από Νύχτα
Matia apo Nichta

Eleftheria, a 40ish woman working in a pastry shop, wants to settle down with long-time lover Chronis, a truck driver. Returning to Athens from a job, Chronis gives a lift to Vallia, a small-town teen who yearns to start a new life in the city. But before long, the mistakes and weaknesses of these three ordinary people collide in a relationship drama that exposes the frailty of human nature.
2003/ Drama/ Road / Rating:R18 / Director: Pericles Hoursoglou

Totally Married

Γαμήλια Νάρκη
Gamilia Narki

A simple comedy based around Thomas and Lily, a couple with a child who are experiencing the 'seven year itch'. Thomas arrives at the obvious solution when he hires the lovely Irina, (a 23 year-old hooker with a heart of gold) as their child's nanny. Things soon go comically awry as Irina becomes more and more involved in the couple's day-to-day life.

2003/ Comedy Drama / Rating:R18 / Director: Dimitris Indares

Ghost of a Chance

Αιώνιος  Φοιτητής
Eonios Fititis

The gaudy glamour of a backwater resort is the backdrop for a tale of two would-be con artists. Takis, a perennial gambler, meets Vera, a dealer-in-training and amidst a passionate relationship they hatch a scheme to fleece their casino. However, their success is short lived and they soon realise that some sacrifices are not worth making when love is at stake.
2001/ Drama/ Comedy / Rating:R18 / Director: Vangelis Seitanidis

R 20

Ρο Είκοσι
Ro ikosi

Lakis Lazopoulos gets behind the camera to offer this unique comedy about love, marital challenges and trying to make a baby whilst living with the in-laws! Fotis suffers from 'Mental Impotence' which means that he can 'do it' with any woman except his wife. Meet R 20, the town's butcher and underground porn dealer who sets about solving our hero's problems.
2004/ Comedy / Rating:R18 / Director: Lakis Lazopoulos



From the creators of 'Safe Sex' comes a modern Greek Tragedy about a family pitted against each other in a bid for power and money. A young stud, involved in numerous 'forbidden' sexual relationships becomes a blackmail pawn in the family's scheming as a cynical game of mutual extermination begins.

2003/ Drama / Rating:R18 / Director: Thanassis Papathanassiou


Hardcore is a "controversial" version of underground Athens as seen through the eyes of two young prostitutes, Nadia and Martha. Both are driven by a desperate need for love and tenderness and develop ways in which to use their profession and friendship to get what they crave. An erotic, passionate and violent psychological portrait of two girls struggling to survive in the face of extraordinary obstacles.
2003/ Drama / Rating:R18 / Director: Dennis Eliades



Witness a "saintly Greek family" go straight to hell in a story that will leave you choking on your souvlaki. An odious, foul-mouthed clan rip their lives apart in the maddening heat of an Athenian summer. Their apartment is transformed into a battleground as violence, abuse and total mayhem reach fever pitch as the characters go in and out of the "matchbox" with burning despair.
2003/ Drama / Rating:R18 / Director: Yannis Economidis

The World Again

Ο Κόσμος Ξανά
O Kosmos Xana

The beauty of independence and power of friendship drives the story of five teenage friends' journey through the countryside during a beautiful Greek summer. So far in their lives everything has gone wrong! So when the need arises to track down one of their mothers - no matter the cost - the power of their friendship drives them to discover the 'road that leads to beauty'.
2002/ Road Movie / Rating:R18 / Director: Nicos Cornilios

Secret November

Το Μυστικό του Νοέμβρη
To Mystiko tou Noemvri

A businessman is convicted for illegal financial dealings and claims that he was framed by his employer. He persuades the district attorney to reopen his case in exchange for information on Secret November - the organisation that murdered the DA's predecessor. This complex conspiracy thriller explores the links between big business, organized crime and political corruption.
2002/ Thriller / Rating:R18 / Director: Takis Papayannidis



A special closing night screening brings you the classic political thriller, Z which is based on true events of the assassination of left-wing MP, Grigoris Lambrakis. It follows the investigation into the apparent involvement of the authorities in the murder and explores just how far the government will go to eliminate its political opposition.
1969/ Political / Rating:R18 / Drama/ Thriller
/ Director: Costa Gavras