Andreas Morfonios


George Kiriakos, Costas Labropoulos, Effie Skrobolas


Giorgos Feidas


Cyprus, 2017

Running Time



Drama | Comedy


Greek with English subtitles


Spiros Papadopoulos, Fanis Mouratidis, Anna Maria Papacharalampous, Nikoletta Kotsailidou

A powerfully redemptive story that bursts with humour and joie de vivre from one of Greece’s most successful television makers.

From the small to big screen, highly credentialled TV director Andreas Morfonios makes his film directorial debut with this crowd-pleasing ‘dramedy’ about two very different brothers.

In what would appear to be life imitating art, Morfonios introduces us to the high-flying television presenter Timos (Fanis Mouratidis) who is living life to the full. On the other hand, his brother, Akis (Spiros Papadopoulos), is a taxi driver struggling to make ends meet. While they may have been close as children, the brothers have now drifted apart, their divergent paths taking them on very separate journeys.

But then a family tragedy strikes, and the polar-opposite siblings are reunited and, with it, they are forced to set aside their fraternal enmity. Reluctantly, they confront the events of the past that initially forced them apart sewing the seeds of lingering resentments.

Nominated for Best Supporting Actor (Fanis Mouratidis) and Best Original Score at the 2018 Hellenic Film Academy Awards, as well as a Best Film nomination at the 2018 Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, the incongruously titled Jamaica is a heartwarming, humorous treatise on the sweeping power of sibling love.