Billy Cotsis & Basil Genimaihaliotis


Australia, 2016

Running Time





Greek | English with English subtitles

Produced by Billy Cotsis & Basil Genimaihaliotis

About the Directors:
Billy Cotsis has travelled to 49 countries and 65 Greek islands. He was first published in O Kosmos in 1995, and continues to be featured in various publications 20 years later, including Neos Kosmos. He is also a reporter on MerakiTV on Foxtel Australia.
Basil Genimaihaliotis is a renowned international architect who has lived in London for 16 years. Over the last decade, he has progressively produced a number of subject-specific documentaries, from Monaco to Adelaide.

“Lesvos will continue to function as an island. That is what we are, an island. It is not a Dubai, it is a remote island.” Filmmaker Billy Cotsis  

A Sydney-sider by background, writer-director Billy Cotsis has dedicated his life to documenting the worldwide Greek Diaspora, and never so passionately as this cinematic love letter to Lesvos. Spending more than a year in Lesvos afforded Billy the opportunity to get under the skin of Lesvos village life and know it like a local – so much so, he now refers to Lesvos in the first-person possessive of ‘our’.

Teaming up with London filmmaker Basil Genimaihaliotis and another Sydney cohort, the group set out on a road-trip to uncover all that is unique and wonderful about Lesvos, as well as the current refugee crisis that has well and truly hit the island. They have some laughs as they look into the making of ouzo, discover must-see sights and pay homage to Sappho, the first ever lesbian.

A number of local identities and award-winning Turkish actress, Ayça Damgac─▒, also make an appearance.

SYDNEY Sessions

Tuesday 18 October, 7:00 pm

Palace Norton Street
Screens with THIS IS A COUP