Dimitris Athanitis


Greece, 2015

Running Time





Greek with English subtitles

Written by Dimitris Athanitis & Yorgos Makris
Produced by Dimitris Athanitis & Panos Papadopoulos
Starring: Yannis Stankoglou, Christos Benetsis, Menelaos Hazarakis, Kora Karvouni

About the Director:
Born in Athens, Dimitris Athanitis studied Cinema and Architecture before making his award-winning debut film, Addio Berlin (1994). His body of work includes No Sympathy for the Devil (1997), 2000+1 Shots (2000) and Three Days Happiness (2012).

Winner of Best Fiction Feature Film, Best Directing and Best Actor (Yannis Stankoglou) at the London Greek Film Festival 2015.

If you thought the western genre only exists against the prairies of an American frontier, think again. With Invisible, filmmaker Dimitris Athanitis adeptly draws from western tropes to tell of a gritty fight against injustice in urban Greece.

In a career-defining, bravura performance, Yannis Stankoglou plays Aris – a 38-year-old factory worker who is fired without warning. He is floored by the shock and any attempts to be re-hired fail miserably. As his distress builds, he becomes more and more fixated on taking justice into his own hands but even these plans are thwarted when his ex-wife saddles him with their six-year-old son.

With eerie accuracy and detail, Athanitis shows how the powerless and undervalued can be society’s most dangerous time bombs… just waiting to explode.

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