Kosta Nikas


Australia, 2016

Running Time






Written by Kosta Nikas
Produced by Kosta Nikas
Starring: David Field, Kipan Rothbury, Lizzie Schebesta, Barbara Gouskos, Panda Likoudis, Will Gabriel

About the Director:
Kosta Nikas studied a Bachelor of Applied Communications and a Masters in Interactive & Digital Media from University of Western Sydney. He worked in journalism and communications for 15 years before making his first short film, Light (2011). In 1999, be produced Byzantium, the first Australian album of Byzantine music.  Sacred Heart is his debut feature film.

“Your wife and child are not with God. They don’t exist. Because there is no God. There is no Heaven. Just the Hell of non-existence.” Priest

Taking the sub-genre of psychological drama on a theological odyssey is Australian filmmaker Kosta Nikas’ corrosive feature film debut, Sacred Heart.

Where does faith go when it’s lost? One formerly religious man finds no alternative but to reject God after the death of his pregnant wife in a hit & run accident. He mockingly challenges both Him and the Devil, while wrestling furiously with his desire for revenge. Until he receives a visit…

A layered ‘onion’ of a film, Sacred Heart shows no fear in the face of controversy tackling the most inflammatory of issues such as abortion, celibacy in the clergy and the sanctity of confession without ever taking the foot off the throttle. 

“[Proof] that a hierophanic cinema not only is possible, but more to the point necessary – if not desirable.” Neos Kosmos

SYDNEY Sessions

Wednesday 12 October, 7:00 pm

Palace Norton Street
+ Q&A with Kosta Nikas


Monday 17 October, 9:00 pm

Palace Cinema Como