Christian Z├╝bert


Germany | Greece, 2015

Running Time





German | English | Greek with English subtitles

Written by Christian Zübert & Ipek Zübert
Produced by Ulf Israel & George Kiriakos
Starring: Jördis Triebel, Chara Mata Giannatou, Benjamin Sadler, Apostolis Totsikas

About the Director:
Born in 1973 in Würzberg, Germany, Christian Zübert began as a writer for television before writing and directing his debut feature film, Lammbock (2001). Since then, he has made The Treasure of the White Falcons (2004), Hardcover (2008), Three Quarter Moon (2011) and Tour de Force (2014).

“A Trojan Horse of social commentary disguised as a fraught kidnap thriller.” The Hollywood Reporter

Today’s toxic Greco-German relations are played out against a parent’s worst nightmare in Christian Zübert’s at once stunning and disarming One Breath.

The heart–stopping drama begins with a young Greek immigrant, Elena, arriving in Frankfurt, discovering she is in the early stages of pregnancy and then accepting a job as a nanny for a well-heeled couple, Tessa and Jan, and their cherubic daughter, Lotte. Given Tessa’s neuroses, the job is anything but easy for Elena, yet nothing can prepare her for that instant when she turns her back on Lotte’s stroller only for her to disappear.

Just as we hit this point of maximum suspense, Christian Zübert changes storytelling tack and regresses back in time so we can see things differently from Tessa’s perspective. What follows is a kaleidoscope of raw, jagged emotion and a brutal wake-up call for making rash decisions at moments of peak stress.

Note: The word for ‘breath’ and ‘spirit’ is the same in Greek.

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