Joyce A. Nashawati


Greece | France, 2015

Running Time





French | English | Greek with English subtitles

Written by Joyce A. Nashawati
Produced by Philippe Akoka, Alain Peyrollaz, Vincent Brançon, Fenia Cossovitsa, Dominique Marzotto & Lionel Guedj
Starring: Ziad Bakri, Mimi Denissi, Louis-Do de Lencquesaing, Yannis Stankoglou, Laurène Brun, Gwendoline Hamon

About the Director:
Joyce A. Nashawati grew up in Beirut, Accra, Kuwait and Athens. She studied Film in the UK, and then Paris where she received a scholarship for a thesis. Her three short films – The Umbrella (2008), The Bite (2010) and On Leave (2013) – are all mysteries.  Blind Sun is her debut feature film.

“It’s not a new idea that war might be for water...” Filmmaker Joyce A. Nashawati

Stampeding onto the film festival circuit and taking audiences by surprise is newcomer Joyce A. Nashawati with her pre-apocalyptic slow-burn, Blind Sun – “a mystery film in daylight”, as she chooses to describe it.

It is the near future in Greece and it is hot. Damn hot. A foreigner in his 40s looks after a French expat’s seaside villa on a desolate stretch of coastline on the Mediterranean Sea. A policeman takes his residents permit, the unbearable heat results in water shortages and the locals eye him with distrust in a pressure-cooker environment that looks set to explode.

With this extraordinary debut, Nashawati washes us in an evocative wave of juxtaposing imagery, drawing on the cinematographic expertise of veteran Yorgos Arvanitis (a regular collaborator with Theo Angelopoulos). The result is an unsettling and claustrophobic story about psychological and environmental collapse.   

“Impressively juggles genre contrivances and a dense personal drama on social dynamics.” Cineuropa

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Tuesday 18 October, 9:00 pm

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Tuesday 18 October, 9:00 pm

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