SMAC 15+



Elias Demetriou


Greece, 2015

Running Time





Greek with English subtitles

Written by Elias Demetriou
Produced by Elias Demetriou
Starring: Evangelia Andreadaki, Yannis Kokiasmenos, Stavroula Kontopoulou, Loukia Michalopoulou, Nikos Georgakis, Stephanos Mwange, Iordanis Hoursoglou, Mariliz Ritsardi

About the Director:
Born in Cyprus in 1965,filmmaking all-rounder Elias Demetriou studied Theology and Film Directing at Athens University. In 2008, he founded the independent company, Ammos Films. His debut feature film, Fish n’ Chips, was shown at GFF 2012. SMAC is only his second feature film, although he has produced a number of shorts, documentaries and works for television.   

Winner of the Best Actress prize at the Hellenic Film Academy Awards 2016.

Stories of terminal cancer are unlikely to be audience favourites but SMAC well and truly bucks this trend with its profound, loving and ultimately fulfilling depiction of one woman’s fight against her mortality. 

In a career-defining, tour-de-force performance, Evangelia Andreadaki plays Eleni – a middle-aged gay woman who has just been diagnosed with cancer. After overcoming the initial shock, she’s given a chance to look at her life in a different way. She brings a homeless man into her home to stave off her fear of dying alone but soon realises it is not death she fears – it is something else.   

As testament to its broad appeal, SMAC took out audience awards at the Athens Outview Film Festival and Cyprus Film Days International Film Festival 2016.

Note: ‘SMAC’ stands for ‘second mitochondrial activator of caspases’, which is a protein that promotes cell death. Without this protein, our cells become immortalised but, unfortunately, we die from the uncontrolled cell multiplication. 

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