Το Ξύπνημα της Ανοιξης



Constantine Giannaris


Greece 2015

Running Time





Greek with English subtitles

“God created Man. Colt made them equal.”

Just as American filmmaker Larry Clark controversially captured the ferocity of maligned youth with Kids, so does Constantine Giannaris with Spring Awakening – but this time tapping into a vein that is manifestly contemporary Greece.

It’s the birth of another summer in Athens, and a group of five disenfranchised teenagers ­– armed with guns and romanticised Bonnie-and-Clyde ideals – embark on a rampage across a city reeling under social and economic collapse. Their reality is a complex mosaic of adolescent love, failed family units and youthful nihilism, and one that doesn’t bode well for fairytale happy-endings.

Constantine Giannaris’ cautionary tale may be extreme in its vision but, nonetheless, strikes squarely at the heart of one of Greece’s most salient issues: if there’s no hope in our youth, what hope do we have for the future?

Winner of the Audience Award for Greek Films at the Thessaloniki Film Festival 2015.

Violence, nudity and drug use

Written by Constantinos Giannaris & Maria Powell
Produced by George Kiriakos & Costas Lampropoulos
Starring: Daphne Patakia, Konstantinos Elmatzioglou, Kostas Nikoulis, Michelangelo Tzegia

About the Director:
Born in 1959 in Athens, Constantinos Giannaris studied Finance, History and Philosophy at the Universities of Kiel and Birmingham. He commenced his career with short films in England before making his debut feature, an English language film, 3 Steps to Heaven (1995). Giannaris’ films have enjoyed successful runs at major film festivals and forums worldwide. Spring Awakening is his sixth feature film.

Greek Synopsis:
Ο νεο-γκάνγκστερ Αλέξανδρος, η τολμηρή Ιωάννα, ο ιδεολόγος Χρήστος και τα αδέλφια Εμίρ-Άρης φτιάχνουν μια συμμορία που λατρεύει τα όπλα και φλερτάρει με το νιχιλισμό. Οι νεαροί πρωταγωνιστές μέσα στα σκοτεινά δωμάτια της ανάκρισης ξετυλίγουν τη βουτηγμένη στο αίμα δράση μιας ετερόκλητης παρέας.

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