Marryanne Christodoulou


Australia, 2015

Running Time




This is an important film that has the potential to help other victims find their voice, and feel empowered to tell their stories.” Metro Screen

Family is the tale of two sisters: Nina, a woman severely abused as a child and teenager by her brother-in-law; and Nikki, her older sister and wife of the abuser.

In sharing their story, filmmaker Marryanne Christodoulou brings the two sisters together after years of estrangement, and shows their conflicting notions of forgiveness and familial love, and their very different ways of dealing with the scars of the past.

Reminiscent of Sarah Polley’s Stories We Tell, Family features hundreds of layered photographic images interwoven with treated film footage and interviews. Visually, it pushes documentary making into exciting territory; not to mention its raw and honest presentation of one family’s deepest, darkest secret.

Written by Marryanne Christodoulou
Produced by Marryanne Christodoulou & Melissa Anastasi
Cast: Nina Kelly

About the Director:
Marryanne Christodoulou completed a Bachelor of Arts (Media Arts) – Fine Art Imaging at RMIT in 2000 and Diploma of Illustrative Photography, Fine Art Major at the Photography Studies College in Melbourne in 1997. Her documentary, Pigeon Men, toured the international documentary festival circuit. Family is her first feature documentary.

Greek Synopsis:
Η ιστορία δύο κοριτσιών: Η Νίνα, ως παιδί και ως έφηβος υπήρξε θύμα κακομεταχείρισης από τον άντρα της αδελφής της. Η Νίκη, η μεγαλύτερη αδελφή της είναι σύζυγος τού θύτη.