Οι Αισθηματίες



Nicholas Triandafyllidis


Greece/Germany/Israel, 2014

Running Time





Greek with English subtitles

The much-anticipated return to directing of Nicholas Triandafyllidis after self-imposed exile.

In this modern-day film noir with all the essential elements of Greek tragedy, Yannis (Haris Fragoulis) and Hermes (Dimitris Lalos) are standover men working as enforcers for someone identified as ‘The Master’ (Takis Moshos). The Master’s wealth comes from (and, quite likely, is not limited to) dealing antiques in the black market.

When Yannis falls for an escort (Eftyhia Giakoumi) who has an equally ruthless and dangerous pimp managing her affairs – and Hermes falls for The Master’s Lolita-like daughter (Ilianna Mavromati) – both seem destined to pay a heavy price if sentimentality overrules the demands of the ‘business’.

Dark and gritty, but with a slight comic edge at times, The Sentimentalists boasts a score comprising a wealth of traditional Greek musical favourites, and a host of cameos from some of Greece’s most recognisable cinema industry insiders. 

Written by Nicholas Triandafyllidis
Produced by Marina Danezi, Theodora Valenti & Theofanis Kirkinezos
Cast: Takis Moshos, Dimitris Lalos, Haris Fragoulis, Ilianna Mavromati, Eftyhia Giakoumi, Athina Pappa, Antonis Spinoulas, Blaine L Renner, Lefteris Mytilinaios

About the Director:
One of the pioneers of the Greek New Wave, Nicholas Triandafyllidis was born in Chicago in 1966 and studied filmmaking at the London International Film School. His previous films include Radio Moscow (1995), The Overcoat (1996) and Black Milk (1999). However, his signature work is, without doubt, the documentary I Put A Spell On Me (2001) about Blues singer Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. 

Greek Synopsis:
Ο Γιάννης και ο Ερμής δουλεύουν για έναν έμπορο της μαύρης αγοράς με το όνομα «Ο Μάστρος». Όταν όμως ο Γιάννης μπλέκει με μίαν ερωτική συνοδό και ο Ερμής ερωτεύεται την κόρη του αφεντικού, και οι δυο δυστυχώς θα πληρώσουν πολύ ακριβά τις συναισθηματικές τους επιλογές.