Christos Dimas


Greece, 2015

Running Time





Greek (No Subtitles)

The greatest war of all = The War of the Sexes

Italian box office smash Men Vs Women (2010) gets some Greek seasoning in this equally hilarious – and cheeky – remake.

A tapestry of four gender-dominated stories intertwine: the extramarital shenanigans of a volleyball coach, two best friends falling in love with the same gorgeous girl, a powerful yet totally mismatched coupling of two vastly different people, and the post-divorce quest for a second chance at love and life.  

Wounded hearts, unfulfilled dreams, unexpected casualties… anything goes when romance is the order of the day. What you can expect, though, are lots of laughs, lots of love, lots of sexiness and lots of fun.

Written by Elena Solomou & Kostis Papadopoulos
Produced by Manos Krezias, Yorgos Kiriakos & Yorgos Kouloukountis
Cast: Fanis Mouratidis, Ioanna Triantafyllidou, Natalia Tsaliki, Myrto Alikaki, Christos Chatzipanagiotis, Takis Spiridakis, Panos Mouzourakis, Athina Oikonomakou

About the Director:
Christos Dimas was born in Elefsina in 1969. He studied Political Sciences in Athens. His career has involved working as an assistant director in the USA, as well as on many feature films for well-known Greek directors, and authoring three books. He is currently shooting the first 3D Greek film.

Greek Synopsis:
Τέσσερις δαφορετικές ιστορίες καταπιάνονται με την εξωσυζυγική σχέση ενός προπονητή πετόσφαιρας, τον έρωτα δύο φίλων με το ίδιο κορίτσι, τον προβληματικό δεσμό δύο διαφορετικών ανθρώπων και την προσπάθεια ενός διαζευγμένου για μια δεύτερη ευκαιρία.