Panos Karkanevatos


Greece/Turkey/Germany/France, 2015

Running Time





Greek with English subtitles

A gripping tale of love and survival that will have you on tenterhooks until its final, suspenseful moments.

A river acts as the border between Greece and Turkey but – more pointedly – as a deadly minefield. One sapper, Yannis (Andreas Constantinou from GFF14’s Opening Night feature, Little England) holds a reputation for rooting out mines in a way machines cannot replicate. He is a lone kamikaze with no loved ones to hold him back.

Chryssa (Elena Mavridou) is a single mother, also caring for a father and brother, who helps the children of illegal immigrants cross the river, sometimes successfully. In Yannis, she finds a kindred spirit – challenging death – and, for him, he gains an instant family. But is theirs a world doomed to destruction when Chryssa’s thug boss, also the father of her child, tries to track the couple on the run?

In Riverbanks, actor Andreas Constantinou consolidates his position as one of Greece’s most exciting new stars. His chemistry with Mavridou ensures the screen sizzles, aided and abetted by a plot that builds momentum in a riveting slow burn.

Written by Panos Karkanevatos & Isidoros Zourgos
Produced by Panos Karkanevatos
Cast: Andreas Konstantinou, Elena Mavridou, Levent Uzumco

About the Director:
Panos Karkanevatos studied Cinema in Athens and Europe before taking an internship at Francis Ford Coppola’s Zoetrope Studios in San Francisco in 1989. He has been responsible for a number of creative documentaries, as well as the feature films Borderline (1994), Earth & Water (1999) and Well Kept Secrets (2008). He was also a founding member of the Hellenic Film Academy. 

Greek Synopsis:
Στα σύνορα Ελλάδας και Τουρκίας ένα ποτάμι είναι γεμάτο με νάρκες. Όταν ο Γιάννης, ένας στρατιώτης, συναντά τη Χρύσα η οποία βοηθά παιδιά παράνομων μεταναστών να περάσουν το ποτάμι, οι δυο τους ανακαλύπτουν πως κάτι βαθύ τους συνδέει.