Yannis Fagras


Greece, 2014

Running Time





English, Greek with English subtitles

“An intriguing and visually alluring film.” Senses of Cinema

Essentially a Heart of Darkness mission at sea that sees a Greek woman chasing her lover to the ends of the Earth, Forget Me Not is a simple story told with powerful resonance.

While living in New Orleans, Alex (Yannis Stankoglou) receives a message from Daphne (Aliki Danezi-Knutsen), a former paramour in Greece, igniting his desire to return home. But the opportunity to make a small fortune on a mysterious diving job in the Bering Straights sees him make a diversion that derails these plans.

Filmed primarily aboard a small boat in the Bering Sea and in the actual locations of the North Pacific and Alaska, the film unveils a world of mythic proportions thanks to the 35mm cinematography of Panagiotis Salapatas. The filmmakers show us a vast and desolate world – from magnificent snow-capped mountains to the mighty menace of the ocean – a world that both unites and separates the couple, magnifying and fulfilling their yearning. 

Written by Yannis Fagras
Produced by Yannis Fagras & Anastasios Vasileiou
Cast: Yannis Stankoglou, Aliki Danezi-Knutsen, Bria Hobgood, Elias Moraitis, Thor Gouker, Altynay Burina , Michael Hiller, Matt Tunseth

About the Director:
Yannis Fagras studied Film Production and Theory in New York. His first feature film, Still Looking for Morphine, won the Association of Greek Film Critics Award at the 42nd Thessaloniki Film Festival and was included in Sight & Sound magazine’s list of ‘75 hidden gems’ of world cinema. Forget Me Not is his second feature.

Greek Synopsis:
Ο Αλέξης που ζει στη Νέα Ορλεάνη, παίρνει ένα μήνυμα από έναν παλιό του έρωτα, τη Δάφνη, που του γεννά την επιθυμία του γυρισμού.Η ευκαιρία όμως για να πλουτίσει με μια επιχείρηση καταδύσεων εκτροχιάζει τα σχέδιά του.

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