Μια Οικογενειακή Υπόθεση



Angeliki Aristomenopoulou


Australia/Greece, 2015

Running Time





English/Greek with English subtitles

An odyssey told through generations of music, and the captivating juxtaposition of remote Crete and urban Melbourne.

A Family Affair documents Greece’s most famous musical clan: the legendary Antonis Xylouris – widely known as ‘Psarantonis’ – his son, the famous lute player and singer George Xylouris – nicknamed ‘Psarogiorgis’ – and his three grandchildren – Nikos, Antonis and Apollonia.

In 2012, the family is at a crossroads. George and his wife prepare to part with their 16 year-old daughter as she heads from Crete to Melbourne to finish school and join her brothers. Two months later, they all battle rising anxieties and creative differences when the older generations follow the children to perform for the first time together at Womadelaide and Melbourne’s Forum Theatre.

Theirs is a story of the electrifying power of music and the sacred ties that bind. Featuring performances from The Dirty Three’s drummer, Jim White. Winner of the Hellenic Film Academy Award for Best Documentary 2015.

Written by Angeliki Aristomenopoulou
Produced by Rea Apostolides, Lizzette Atkins, Yuri Averov

About the Director:
Angeliki Aristomenopoulou is a director and photographer living in Athens. She has completed over 30 documentaries with themes from all over the world. Her most recent work as a director and cinematographer is the feature-length documentary Wandering Soul that won the Fipresci Award for Best Documentary at the Thessaloniki Film Festival 2010.

Greek Synopsis:
Μια πρωτότυπη μουσική Οδύσσεια, αναφέρεται στη θρυλική και φημισμένη, ανά το πανελλήνιο, στο χώρο της μουσικής, οικογένεια των Ξηλούρηδων. Στην ταινία εναλλάσσονται μοναδικές αντιθέσεις της ορεινής Κρήτης και της αστικοποιημένης  Μελβούρνης.