Director Coerte Voorhees and John Voorhees
Greece/USA/UK, 2014, 91mins (Drama)
Greek/English with English subtitles

“Someone needs to stand up for Greece, make a case for her…”

For over two centuries, the legality behind the removal of the Parthenon Marbles from the Acropolis has been the subject of much controversy and passionate debate. Very credible cases against the British Museum have been put forward by a number of lawyers – including the father of this film’s makers – however, Greek governments have steered clear of any involvement.

In a highly charged and dramatic fashion, this film looks at a hypothetical scenario when two Athenian attorneys (Pantelis Kodogiannis and Kassandra Voyagis) pursue litigation against the British Museum to return these classical Greek sculptures to their rightful home. Their efforts are fraught with difficulties, including the social destabilisation of the economic crisis plaguing Athens, yet through the pursuit of these artefacts, the spirit of Athina is reinvigorated. 

At its heart, Promakhos is an epic love story about the test of true love through sacrifice.

Written by Coerte and John Voorhees 
Produced by Coerte and John Voorhees
Cast: Pantelis Kodogiannis, Kassandra Voyagis, Giancarlo Giannini, Georges Corraface, Michael Byrne, Yorgo Voyagis

About the Director:
John and Coerte Voorhees are the sons of a US-based lawyer, also called John, who has been an active campaigner for the return of the Parthenon Marbles to Athens. Promakhos is their first film.

Greek Synopsis:
Σ’ αυτή την ταινία εκτυλίσσεται ένα υποθετικό σενάριο όπου το Βρεττανικό μουσείο οδηγείται στα δικαστήρια για να λογοδοτήσει για την άρνησή του να επιστρέψει τα γλυπτά του Παρθενώνα.

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Sunday 2 November, 7:00 pm

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