The Immortalizer

The Immortalizer



Marios Piperides


Cyprus, 2013

Running Time





Turkish/Greek with English subtitles

“Death is no different than life… It is part of life.”

The period when the Ottoman Empire ruled Cyprus was one of intense religious and class disparity. It is against this backdrop in the 1870s that The Immortalizer sets its powerful drama.

A man mourning the tragic fate of his young daughter travels right through the night. His search is for the person he believes will be able to keep her alive...

Written by: Marios Piperides
Produced by: Marios Piperides
Cast: Yiannis Kokkinos, Numan Acar, Katerina Misichroni, Eliana Kakoura, Nedi Antoniadou

About the Director:
Marios Piperides holds an MFA in Film Production, BSc in Broadcast Management and BA in Film Studies. He has worked as a production manager on projects internationally. In 2005, he founded AMP Filmworks, turning his focus to the local market in Cyprus. 

SYDNEY Sessions

Saturday 25 October, 1:45 pm

Screens as part of GASFF International Shorts


Saturday 25 October, 4:00 pm

Screens as part of GASFF International Shorts