Man in a Box

Man in a Box

Director Elias Papastamatiou
Greece, 2012, 4mins (Short)

Just a lump of clay… or is it?

A random artist’s workbench is covered with all sorts of traditional tools and things. Among these is a lump of clay.

Magically, a man materialises from the clay but he is trapped. He desperately attempts to tear himself from his binds as freedom beckons.

Written by: Elias Papastamatiou
Produced by: Elias Papastamatiou

About the Director:
Elias Papastamatiou was born in 1988 in Volos, Greece. In his 20s, he moved from Athens to study filmmaking in NYC. He continued his film studies at AMC to earn his Bachelor degree in Film and TV Direction in 2012.

SYDNEY Sessions

Saturday 25 October, 1:45 pm

Screens as part of GASFF International Shorts


Saturday 25 October, 4:00 pm

Screens as part of GASFF International Shorts