From Dope to Dalai Lama

From Dope to Dalai Lama



Jason Raftopoulos


Australia, 2010

Running Time






Winner of Best Short Documentary at the 2010 Inside Film Awards.

A chance reconnection with a high school classmate triggered student filmmaker Jason Raftopoulos’ decision to document an astonishing personal journey of extremes.

This is the believe-it-or-not story of Anthony Markwell. His life adventure has taken 20 years to tell, not to mention three near-death experiences and 10 years of monkhood.

"[My film] basically tracks the life of a guy from being a 17 year-old school dropout working on a fish trawler in Perth, to living on a beach in Thailand, running amuck, doing lots of partying, taking lots of drugs, and then ultimately becoming subject to an assassination, before becoming a monk in Burma for ten years.” Jason Raftopoulos

Written by: Jason Raftopoulos
Produced by: Jason Raftopoulos

About the Director:
Jason Raftopoulos studied acting in New York for three years before undertaking film and television studies at Swinburne University in Melbourne. From Dope to Dalai Lama is his award-winning, graduation year short film.

SYDNEY Sessions

Wednesday 29 October, 7:00 pm

Screens as part of GASFF Australian Shorts


Thursday 23 October, 7:00 pm

Screens as part of GASFF Australian Shorts