Little England

Little England

Μικρά Αγγλία



Pantelis Voulgaris


Greece, 2013

Running Time





Greek with English subtitles

Winner of Best Film and Best Cinematography at the Hellenic Film Academy Awards, and Greece’s entry for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars.

The latest addition to the vast oeuvre of veteran filmmaker Pantelis Voulgaris, Little England brings to life the eponymous novel of romance, betrayal, intrigue, passion and loss as penned by his wife, Ioanna Karystiani.

It is the Greek island of Andros during World War II where the lives of its women are dominated by long periods of isolation brought on by the seafaring nature of the island’s economy. Two sisters – the quiet and reticent Orsa (Pinelopi Tsilika) and the extroverted Moshca (Sofia Kokkali) – become entangled in a love triangle that develops with life-shattering consequences.

A truly lavish period drama, sumptuously photographed by Simos Sarketzis and scored by Katerina Polemi, Little England captures the stark beauty of Andros, weaving breathtaking imagery into a multi-layered and complex storyline.

Written by Ioanna Karystiani 
Produced by Giannis Iakovidis & Katerina Helioti
Cast: Pinelopi Tsilika, Sofia Kokkali, Aneza Papadopoulou, Andreas Constantinou

About the Director:
Pantelis Voulgaris studied film direction in Greece and worked on over 40 films as assistant director. In 1965, he made his debut short film, The Thief, before making his debut feature film Anna’s Engagement in 1974. Voulgaris has enjoyed an award-winning, highly acclaimed career that includes Happy Day (1977), Stone Years (1985), Quiet Days in August (1992) and Brides (2004), among many others.

Greek Synopsis:
Ένα ακόμα κινηματογραφικό αριστούργημα του Παντελή Βούλγαρη. Βασισμένο στη ζωή των γυναικών της Άνδρου, τη δεκαετία του ‘30, οι οποίες, όντας παντρεμένες με ναυτικούς, βίωναν τη μοναξιά, την αγωνία, το θάνατο, την αναμονή και, όταν αυτοί γύριζαν, ήταν πια ξένοι μεταξύ τους. 

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Followed by Q&A with producer Ioannis Iakovides and lead actor Andreas Konstantinou

Monday 3 November, 6:30 pm

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