Evaporating Borders

Evaporating Borders



Iva Radivojevic


Cyprus/USA, 2014

Running Time





Greek/Arabic with English subtitles

“A valiant call for a new way of thinking about the impact of immigration on abstract notions of nationhood.” The Hollywood Reporter

Emerging documentary filmmaker Iva Radivojevic exposes Cyprus’ often-ignored refugee crisis in her debut feature, Evaporating Borders. Through a series of vignettes, the director explores displacement, victimisation, (in)tolerance, nationalism and the search for identity.

This documentary presents a unique cross-section of émigrés, expounding heartbreakingly on their journeys and varying – sometimes extreme – degrees of success or failure. Radivojevic also charts the rise of the extreme political right on the island, and the accompanying backlash to the wave of refugees engulfing the EU.

Hailing from an immigrant background herself (Radivojevic’s family settled in Cyprus from the former Yugoslavia), Evaporating Borders is as uncompromising as it is poetic, and as personal as it is universally resonant.

Written by: Iva Radivojevic 
Produced by: Leandros Savvides, Landon van Soest, Laura Poitras

About the Director:
Iva Radivojevic spent her early years in Yugoslavia and Cyprus before settling in NYC a decade ago. Her collaborative film, Matthew 24:14, won a number of awards, and Iva was named one of 25 New Faces of Independent Film of 2013 by Filmmaker Magazine. Evaporating Borders is her debut feature-length documentary.

Greek Synopsis:
Μια ταινία γυρισμένη στην Κύπρο και βασισμένη στη ζωή των εκεί μεταναστών οι οποίοι αναζητούν μια καλύτερη τύχη μακριά από τις πατρίδες τους.