Stelana Kliris


Greece/Cyprus, 2014

Running Time






It’s When Harry Met Sally, but on the road… with a twist.

Doing for Cyprus what Scorsese did for New York, this part-crowdfunded debut feature from Stelana Kliris is an unconventional and moving – but ultimately light-hearted – romantic comedy about modern-day relationships.

A chance meeting between George (Orestes Sophocleous) – a handsome 30-something under pressure to propose to his girlfriend – and the devastatingly beautiful ‘Bride’ (Melia Kreiling of Guardians of the Galaxy fame) – who has bailed on her groom-to-be on their wedding day – forces two strangers to confront their hang-ups about love, marriage, insecurity and commitment. They set off on an unforgettable road trip across Cyprus and embark on an odyssey into self-discovery in the process.

A passion project from start to finish, Committed is testament to a new breed of Cypriot filmmakers determined to bring their visions to cinema screens and keep their film industry alive.

Written by Stelana Kliris 
Produced by Stelana Kliris, Marios Piperides, Takis Fellas, Adonis Pouroulis
Cast: Melia Krelling, Orestes Sophocleous

About the Director:
Stelana Kliris is a South African-Cypriot writer and director with a background in editing and production. She has written and directed a number of documentaries and two short films to date: the award-winning The Fiddler (2011) and Hope (2011). Committed is her first feature film.

Greek Synopsis:
Μια συγκινητική και απολαυστική κωμωδία γύρω από τις σχέσεις δύο νέων στη σημερινή Κύπρο οι οποίοι, όντας άγνωστοι μεταξύ τους, ταξιδεύουν μαζί σε διάφορα μέρη του νησιού βάζοντας σε δοκιμασία τις ιδέες και τις προκαταλήψεις τους για τονέρωτα, το γάμο και την αφοσίωση τού ενός στον άλλον.