The Greek Student Film Festival returns for its 5th year in 2015, presenting a selection of imaginative films from local primary and secondary students of Greek. ... In order to be eligible, the films must be a short fiction, animation or documentary film and must incorporate the chosen theme ...

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Μια Οικογενειακή Υπόθεση

A FAMILY AFFAIR Μια Οικογενειακή Υπόθεση

An odyssey told through generations of music, and the captivating juxtaposition of remote Crete and urban Melbourne. ... A Family Affair documents Greece’s most famous musical clan: the legendary Antonis Xylouris – widely known as ‘Psarantonis’ – his son, the famous ...

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Το Δόλωμα


One of the more risqué films ever made by Vougiouklaki – a sexier version of Pygmalion and My Fair Lady. ... Filmed on the island of Rhodes before the arrival of mass tourism, Ace of Spades sees a cunning card shark (Alekos Alexandrakis) enact a plan to dupe wealthy men of their ...

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Αγορά: Από τη Δημοκρατία στις Αγορές

AGORA: FROM DEMOCRACY TO THE MARKET Αγορά: Από τη Δημοκρατία στις Αγορές

Winner of the Orpheus Award for Best Documentary at this year’s Los Angeles Greek Film Festival. ... There was a time when the term ‘Agora’ referred to a meeting place – an assembly for active citizens; the centre of political, athletic, artistic and spiritual life ...

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A hit Australian stage play turns big screen sensation in this World Premiere event. ... This year’s Opening Night film will have your hearts dancing in an up-swell of romance and comedy. A feelgood Australian story about dating in a multicultural landscape, Alex & Eve brings us a little ...

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The greatest war of all = The War of the Sexes ... Italian box office smash Men Vs Women (2010) gets some Greek seasoning in this equally hilarious – and cheeky – remake. ... A tapestry of four gender-dominated stories intertwine: the extramarital shenanigans of a volleyball coach ...

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“As we all know, where there is corruption, a camera is always unwelcome. Many times we [came] across dangerous situations… However, we did it.” Filmmaker Marcia Tzivara ... A searing socio-political documentary from the streets of Athens and Berlin, Burning From the Inside ...

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Μέλος Οικογενείας

FAMILY MEMBER Μέλος Οικογενείας

“If they find out he’s dead, they will cancel the pension…” ... An average Cypriot family sail into murky ethical waters in an effort to stay financially afloat in this alarmingly all-too familiar drama. ... Υiorgos and Sophia are trying hard to cope with the ...

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FAN Ανεμιστήρας

We will be one big happy family. Right, Dad? Right, Mum?  ... An incendiary psychological thriller, Fan opens with 11 year-old Lemonia (Danai Androulaki) holding a hand grenade and holding court over her mother (Irini Drakou) and father (Giorgos Valais). After enduring their ceaseless ...

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Για Πάντα


“Wonderfully subtle underplaying by the two leads whose characters have little to say, but whose eyes speak volumes.” Hollywood Reporter ... A poetic, minimalist drama unafraid of silence, Forever depicts two lonely souls, Kostas (Kostas Filippoglou) and Anna (Anna Mascha), unwittingly ...

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Now in its sixth year, the Greek Australian Short Film Festival returns with three programs: Australian Shorts, International Shorts and Australian Documentary Shorts.  ... GASFF AUSTRALIAN DOCUMENTARY SHORTS HOMESONG FIELDS TO DREAM FAMILY ...

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Now in its sixth year, the Greek Australian Short Film Festival returns with three programs: Australian Shorts, International Shorts and Australian Documentary Shorts.  ... GASFF AUSTRALIAN SHORTS 25.12 ADDICTED ANTIDOTE DACRYHILIA HEIDI FIRES EVERYONE HIT JIMMY ...

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Now in its sixth year, the Greek Australian Short Film Festival returns with three programs: Australian Shorts, International Shorts and Australian Documentary Shorts.  ... GASFF INTERNATIONAL SHORTS A BEACON IN HAVANA CURE LIFT TO MOVE MINOTAUR MY STUFFED GRANNY ...

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Η Αρχόντισσα Και Ο Αλήτης

LADY AND THE TRAMP Η Αρχόντισσα Και Ο Αλήτης

The Kelly-Astaire style American musical gets a Mediterranean makeover in one of the biggest blockbusters of Greek cinema history. ... A comic road movie (of sorts) of pure escapism, Lady and the Tramp sees Aliki Vougiouklaki coupled with her then husband, Dimitris Papamichael, in a musical ...

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Από Έρωτα


A romantic parable that packs in as many laughs as it does emotional punches. ... Shot against the leafy suburbs and twilight ports of Athens, Thodoris Atheridis adapts and stars in an accomplished and absorbing cinematic version of his own stage play of the same name. ... In it, he is Antonis ...

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MADALENA Μανταλένα

Vougiouklaki sparks again on-screen with Dimitris Papamichael, while commencing a professional love affair with filmmaker Dinos Dimopoulos in arguably her best dramatic performance. ... In order to support her siblings when her father suddenly passes away, Madalena (Aliki Vougiouklaki) takes over ...

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“You won’t be able to shake the feeling that someone really made an effort to better understand the basic core of what makes us humans.” Telavivian ... In this cross-cultural pilgrimage, a 78 year-old Greek Holocaust survivor (Makram Khoury) and his Hasidic rapper son (Zohar ...

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NORWAY Νορβηγία

“Turns vampire mythology inside out to create something genuinely weird.” Fantastic Fest ... The production team behind Dogtooth (GFF ‘09) is responsible for this devilishly fun, not-your-average vampire flick, where a footloose creature of the night boogies his way through a ...

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Στα Kαλά Kαθούμενα

OUT OF THE BLUE Στα Kαλά Kαθούμενα

The finest traditions of road movies and romantic comedies marry in this chaotic example of how things can…just happen. ... Babis’ (Odysseas Papaspiliopoulos) life is thrown into chaos after the beautiful Athena (Zeta Makrypoulia) comes crashing in on one eventful evening. With ...

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A gripping tale of love and survival that will have you on tenterhooks until its final, suspenseful moments. ... A river acts as the border between Greece and Turkey but – more pointedly – as a deadly minefield. One sapper, Yannis (Andreas Constantinou from GFF14’s Opening Night ...

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Είμαστε Τσιγγάνοι

SAM ROMA: WE ARE GYPSIES Είμαστε Τσιγγάνοι

Elvis Presley was also a gypsy… ... From India to Egypt, and Sweden to Britain, the Roma people are the Wandering Kings of the Road, a steady stream of human geography that sometimes lives outside the law and social acceptance. ... In this documentary, filmmaker Marina Danezi gives voice ...

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Η Νεράιδα Και Το Παληκάρι

THE FAIRY AND THE MAN Η Νεράιδα Και Το Παληκάρι

IMPORTANT:  This film was previously advertised with English subtitles, however due to unforeseen circumstances, this film will now screen WITHOUT English subtitles. If you have purchased a ticket assuming it was subtitled and would like a refund, please contact your local cinema. ... A ...

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If a wannabe Indiana Jones went on holiday with his family in Greece, this would happen… ... For 15 year-old Toni (Nuutti Konttinen), being dragged begrudgingly to the picturesque island of Kos with his father, stepmother and two annoying younger stepbrothers is anything but fun. He ...

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Το Ξύλο Βγήκε Από Τον Παράδεισο


The burgeoning real-life Burton-Taylor romance of Vougiouklaki and Papamichael plucked at the heartstrings of a nation in this To Sir with Love-like tale. ... Maintaining the same sparkling humour today as it did on its release more than half a century ago, The Slap That Came From Paradise is ...

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Τετάρτη 04:45

WEDNESDAY 04:45 Τετάρτη 04:45

“Running a jazz club can be murder.” The Hollywood Reporter ... Take a dive into the Athenian underworld and organised crime machinations with Wednesday 04:45, a distinctly mesmeric noir nail-biter.   ... Stelios’ (Stelios Mainas) dream of running a jazz club is crumbling ...

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The Delphi Bank 22nd Greek Film Festival concludes on a climactic high with a beloved classic that will have audiences jumping in the aisles for joy. ... Anthony Quinn gives the performance of a lifetime as Zorba,a gruff and gregarious musician who befriends an uptight Anglo-Greek writer (Alan ...

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