“About death itself I’ve nothing to tell you. About the dead, ask me anything you like.”

A thin, dishevelled, pale young man arrives in Athens by bus and aimlessly wanders around the bus terminal grounds before heading out to the surrounding streets. His arrival in the big city is not marked by any clear direction, destination or ambition. As he seeks the basic necessities of shelter, food and work, human contact and the yearning for human intimacy begin to mark his place in a world alienated by the fast pace of the material urban life. When he finds a job as the pizza delivery boy at the not-so-thriving “Vesuvius Pizza”, he becomes involved with the young female waitress and their relationship forms one of many raw stories of disillusioned and disempowered lives in the city’s marginalised pockets. He travels the streets delivering pizzas and sits in park benches listening to the stories of weathered people. He returns nightly to “Vesuvius” to hear his employers question whether happiness is greater in poverty or in boredom. And his sleeping quarters are shared with a retired morgue worker, whose morbid corpse stories are not far removed from the harsh reality depicted throughout the film. An unglossy film capturing the brewing anger of modernity’s dejected and marginalised people and the volcanic conclusions delivered by displacement.

Director: Nikos Panayotopoulos | Rating: R 18+ | 2003 | Drama | 100 minutes | Greek

Director's Bio - Nikos Panayotopoulos

Nikos Panayotopoulos was born on the island of Mytilene, Greece 1941. He studied film in Athens and began his career as an assistant director on Greek and international productions. From 1960 to 1973 Panayotopoulos lived in Paris where he attended the Film Institute of the Sorbonne and haunted the Cinematheque. Since 1973 he has been living and working in Athens.


Thanos Samaras, Alexia Kaltsiki, Dimitris Imelos, Errikos Litsis, Spyros Stavranidis, Fotini Baxevani, Christos Loulis, Angela Brouskou, Vassilis Andreou, Nikos Kordonis.


45th Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2004
Winner of the FIPRESCI Prize



1970 Andreou

1971 Cinelove

1974 The Colours of the Iris

1978 The Idlers of the Fertile Valley

Gold Leopard, Locarno International Film Festival
Silver Hugo, Chicago International Film Festival

1981 Melodrama

1984 Varieties

1988 The Woman Who Dreamed

1993 I Dream of My Friends

Best Actor Award (Lefteris Voyatzis), San Remo International Film Festival

1997 The Bachelor

1999 Edge of the Night

2001 Beautiful People

2002 I’m Tired of Killing your Lovers

2003 Delivery


61st Venice Film Festival 2004 Official Selection
Nominated for the Golden Lion Award
Montreal World Film Festival 2004 Official Selection
45th Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2004
27th Moscow International Film Festival 2005
40th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2005 Horizons Program


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